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The Telephone Game Is Alive and Well

8 Nov

It never ceases to amaze me that in the current era of instant information we still  misconstrue the facts in a major way.  At times it seems as if the media is more susceptible to publishing inaccurate information now more than ever.

Take last May’s assault on Osama Bin Laden for example.  The day after he was killed in Pakistan I read in great detail accounts on how the mission played out.  According to former Seal Team 6 commander,  Chuck Pfarrer, the details about the assault widely reported by the media were grossly inaccurate.

It was initially reported that one of the helicopters involved in the raid crash landed at the beginning of the mission forcing the Navy Seals to enter the complex and make their way upstairs from the ground floor where they encountered Bin Laden on the third floor.

Not true says Chuck.  The helicopter didn’t crash until Bin Laden had already been killed and in actuality, the Seals entered the complex from the roof top as planned.

I won’t regurgitate everything reported, you get the point.

So how is it possible that the media would get details about such a historic event so mixed up in this day and age?

It’s quite simple.  We are in a big damn hurry.

We live in an instant gratification society. No longer do we take the necessary time to understand information before we decide to forward or report it.  Once we figure out the details are wrong, it is too late to retract what we said because we don’t want to look foolish.

How often does this happen in our daily lives?  Think about how many times a day you respond to something without completely processing what it is you are responding to.  Are members of the media or our elected leaders that much different in this regard?