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I’m Back Baby! Summer Vacation Recap: Day One

5 Jul

Don’t worry Ants!  I made it back safe and sound.  I have decided to give you the vacation recap in a daily format to keep you on the edge of your seats.  Here’s day one:

The summer vacation was a great success.  The Adam Family (They’re creepy and they’re kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They’re all together ooky,The Adam Family) packed up the family Camry and ventured up north to Wisconsin.

We were accompanied by our good friends, Spirit, Jen-ny, Niner, and “Sweet” Caroline.  Two families, four kids total, ages 4-9.  Definitely a group ready for trouble.

Day One

The first day was a travel day.  On our way up to Madison, Wisconsin we took a detour and stopped by the Jelly Belly factory, located close to Milwaukee.

As I entered the building I had visions of a tour very similar to the one on Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  Chocolate rivers, trees made of candy, fat spoiled girls turning into plums, and of course Oompa Loompas.

Much to my dismay, none of these things were present.  There were plenty of portraits of U.S. Presidents made out of Jelly Beans, and lots of thrilling videos to watch.  However, nary an Oompa Loompa was found.

We arrived at our destination, Jen-ny’s parent’s house, safe and sound.  We were warmly greeted with margaritas and a fine meal!

The meal consisted of pasta and Italian gravy, which I later found out is simply what Italians call spaghetti sauce.  I still have yet to figure that one out.  The amazing taste of dinner soon helped me forget about my confusion.

Quarterback Challenge

Prior to dinner, Spirit and I participated in one of our favorite past times,  the Quarterback Challenge.

What is a quarterback challenge you ask?

You see, when men get to be middle-aged we tend to invent stupid things to do, that in our minds, show off the athletic ability we still have.

Two years ago, Spirit and I invented the Quarterback Challenge.  It takes a minimum of two players, a football of some sort (preferably one that whistles), and a park (the more playground equipment the better).

The game is simple.  One player comes up with a challenging throw that has to hit a particular target on the playground.  Normally, you have to throw the ball through small openings and such to hit your target.

Each player gets ten throws to accomplish the task.  It is a lot like horse.

This contest was the  most pitiful performance of my career.  It was the first time we allowed my nine-year old son to play with us.  His spiral that hit the dinosaur teeter-totter square on the face clinched my last place finish.  Demoralizing……..