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LeBron James Is A Product Of His Generation

10 Jul

I tried to stay out of it.  Really, I tried.

But, I can’t quite hold my tongue after listening to all of the reactions about LeBron’s decision to leave Cleveland for the Miami Heat.

I’ll start with his actual choice before getting into the way he communicated his decision.

I just don’t understand why some people get this emotionally involved in a specific team or player.  People were literally crying over this!

Don’t get me wrong.  When it comes to the New York Mets, I am a die hard fan.  There is a line for me, however.

I don’t let them or any of their players force me into tears.  It all boils down to the fact that my life will not change significantly based on things that happen with them.

I really don’t have a problem with his decision.  The man wants to accomplish the ultimate feat in his profession, which is winning a world championship.

People relocate all of the time for their careers.  We don’t give accountants a hard time for leaving to work for a better firm in Sacramento, California.

Far be it for me to judge LeBron for leaving because he believes it is the best way for him to win.

As far as James’ special on ESPN is concerned, I’m not that surprised that we reached this point in society.

The other day I was listening to a radio show in my car and they were interviewing Dr. Drew of Celebrity Rehab fame.  He made a great point when asked about what worries him most about young people today.

He answered that fame was once something that you had to have actual talent to achieve.  These days people have equipment on their home computers that used to be only available in production studios.

Combine this technology with the relative ease in which individuals can create personalized websites and anyone can have their own recording studio relatively inexpensively.

The addition of social networking pages such as Facebook and Twitter doesn’t help either.  Stop and think about Twitter.  The entire goal is to see how many “FOLLOWERS” you can have.

It doesn’t matter how much talent you possess.  It only matters how many people you can get to follow you.

How does this equate to LeBron you ask?

Simple.  His special on ESPN is the means in which someone who actually has talent has to use to get our attention these days.

I’m not saying I like the fact that LeBron had his own hour long special to announce where he would be working next year.

It just didn’t get me all riled up.  I chose not to watch it.


It’s Gotta Be The Shoes!

8 Jan

According to the Orlando Sentinel the University of Central Florida will be giving up on a contract valued at $500,000 annually due to the fact Marcus Jordan, son of Michael Jordan, insists on wearing his father’s Jordan Brand shoes.

Does anyone else find this intriguing? Apparently Marcus Jordan is taking a bunch of heat on his insistence on wearing his dad’s shoes. Really????

Put yourself in Marcus’s shoes (ha ha ha ha). You’ve lived your entire life as the son of the most famous basketball player on the planet. You have never worn any other type of shoe. It’s the family business people. You can’t expect him to go against the family (last sentence in Marlon Brando Godfather font).

According to the story, Adidas initially permitted Jordan Jr. to wear the shoes and then changed their mind. Don’t you love it when executives of large companies don’t think through major issues and then make a mess out of it when they don’t like the results of their initial decision? Classic case of taking your ball and going home. In this case, taking your apparel and going home.