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I’m Back Baby!

17 Sep

It has been a while since I last wrote for Average Adam.  Why, oh why, did I wait so long you ask?

That’s easy.  Mets Gazette took off and Tom, Frank, and I kept very busy writing, commiserating, and pulling our hair out about the New York Mets.

During the time I was away, I realized that Average Adam needed to change.  It didn’t have much direction and at times I struggled to post things worthy of reading.

There were two factors that lead me to this decision:

  1. Mets Gazette has given me more than enough of my share of sports writing.  I love it and I am having a blast, but I found that I was forcing myself to come up with non-Mets related content and writing for Average Adam became a chore.
  2. I want the freedom to write when I want and about what I want.  After all, this is my blog.  Why should I feel obligated to my on blog?

My solution?

Have less direction with the content.  It makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  Average Adam will not be completely about sports anymore.  It is going to be focused on whatever I feel like writing about.  Plain and simple.  Just like me.


Average Adam on The Radio

15 Aug

Tonight at 11:30 PM ET, Frank, Tom and I (The co-founders of Mets Gazette) will be special guests on Stache Radio with host Matthew Falkenbury. Daily Stache is a wonderful Mets blog comprised of talented writers that give terrific insight on the team day to day.

So, check them out and be sure to tune in tonight to listen!

Average Adam Update

4 Aug

I know it has been a few days since I last posted.  There are valid reasons for this.

For those of you that know me, we are in the process of opening a $39 million dollar recreation facility.

Also, Mets Gazette is really taking off.  The little time I do have to write has been dedicated to the Gazette.

Yesterday, WFAN’s mid-day show talked about one of our posts at great length and it has generated a lot of traffic to our site (see below if you want to hear the broadcast).

For those of you not familiar with WFAN (probably many Midwestern Ants out there), here is a summary of the station:

WFAN is the flagship station of four New York professional sports franchises: the New York Mets, the New York Giants, the New Jersey Devils and the New Jersey Nets. A wide range of major sports events can also be heard on the station including a full slate of NFL games leading up to, and including, the Super Bowl.

Not to worry, I’ll get back to posting regularly once things die down.  At work that is.  Hopefully the Gazette doesn’t die down.

Article below was originally published on

Tom Greenhalgh
Mets Gazette Editor

This is a classic example of why we so appreciate all of our readers. We have no idea who it was, but someone shared our recent article, “The How-To Guide: Be Like Luis,” with WFAN host Evan Roberts.  Evan proceeded to recite the article as well as add his commentary alongside co-host Joe Benigno.

Thanks anonymous!  Click the link below for audio:

Mets Gazette on WFAN, NY

Shameless Plug

12 Jul

>Don’t worry Ants.  I haven’t forgotten about you.  I am in the process of writing a new post.

While you wait I thought I would drop a shameless plug about Mets Gazette, not to mention that someone else out there actually published that I was 100% right about something.  Check it out!

Click on Mets Today and you’ll see this post below!

Mets Gazette

7 Jul


I wanted to take a second to share yet another venture I am partaking in.  This one has real staying power, and will be a little more reliable than that Sportsleak fiasco!

Fellow Mets Writers, Frank Gray, Tom Greenhalgh, and I have created a new website called Mets Gazette.  Check out the site now!  CLICK HERE.

Too lazy to click the link?

Here is a one sentence summary for my Cliff’s Notes Ants out there.

Our goal is to bring you the latest news on the Mets every day as well as to provide commentary and opinions ranging from provocative to humorous and everything in between.

I’ll give you a sneak peak from one of my posts in a few minutes.

Never fear.  As always, I will still be writing for Average Adam.  Mets Gazette will become my outlet for all of my Mets writing.

So keep on coming back y’all!

Average Adam On Vacation

29 Jun


I hate to break it to you Ants, but I may not be able to post anything for the next week.  We are heading out on the road for the good old fashioned family vacation.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter as I plan on tweeting anything humorous or interesting that happens on the trip.

Here Goes

7 Jan

Woke up this morning with some time to kill and thought, “I think I’ll start a blog.” At this point I’m not sure exactly where this will go.

My initial intention is to write about the two things that I feel I am somewhat qualified to comment on after 33 years of living on this wonderful planet: Sports and People.

Just to clarify, the people section isn’t always going to be sports related. Don’t worry everyone, I don’t intend to write about specific people, just observations I make about how people react and interact in general.

Here it goes….we’ll see how long it lasts.