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>Nebraska Husker Fans React To Big Ten Move

11 Jun


I am going to let you in on a piece of personal information about me.

I married into a Nebraska Huskers family. 

My first Thanksgiving with them was an experience I will never forget. 

Traditionally, Nebraska plays Colorado on the Friday after Thanksgiving. My newly formed family had a huge gathering as is custom with many families on Thanksgiving.

On Friday, they all dawned their Husker Red.  Fortunately, my father in-law and I get along famously so I was not without my own Husker gear.

As the game drew close, everyone squeezed into the family room and the excitement started to build.  There was literally a buzz in the air. 

I had already been witness to dozens of conversations about every nuance of the Husker program shared by father, son, uncle, brother, cousin, aunt, and daughter. 

I wish I could tell you that the Huskers fought the good fight.  Unfortunately, the Big 12 can be a cold place and the Buffaloes put a thumping on the beloved Huskers.

You could hear a pin drop in the house, that just hours before was filled with a great deal of chatter and laughter.

Everyone of my new family members handled the defeat differently. 

Sadly, one wooden Herbie the Husker lawn ornament did not survive the evening. 

As a graduate of Ball State University, I had no concept on what a traditional power house football program is like.

I was used to half empty stadiums and quiet crowds.

About six years ago, my father in-law took me to Lincoln to watch a game against Iowa State.

We toured the campus, including the training facility.  We walked the tailgating area where everyone was eagerly anticipating the game. 

As we approached our seats, I was amazed to see a large percentage of the student body focused on the game, and sober enough to remember its events.

The Huskers were victorious and I enjoyed every minute of the trip.  It helped me understand what college football means to many fans that follow the sport.

As we approach a new era in college football, I thought it would be appropriate to share the thoughts of my family members on the eventual move of Nebraska to the Big 10.

I trust Tom Osborne implicitly to do what’s best for the University of Nebraska. Academically and athletically a move to the Big Ten

It is logical for both Nebraska and the Big Ten conference.

Economically, it’s a big increase for Nebraska’s programs and research areas as well as the Big Ten as every Big Red fan in the world will be subscribing to the Big Ten Network. The widened TV exposure will be good for Nebraska recruiting overall.

Selfishly, I like the move as I live in the heart of Big Ten country and the drive time from Indianapolis to Illinois, Ohio State, Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern, and even Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Michigan State isn’t much.

No one likes change but it’s going to happen anyway with or without Nebraska moving to another conference.

Whatever Big Red does it will adapt, improvise and overcome! Go Huskers!!


I don’t like this move at all. If Nebraska joins the Big 10, then the Big 12 will totally break down. 

With such a big conference, that’ll put pressure on other conferences to add more teams, which would possibly result in a playoff, which is good, but not if Nebraska has to go to the Big Ten. 

Nebraska wants to go because of more funding, and dark-horse sports like wrestling will get better competition. 
But the fact is,  the Big Ten has finally realized that most of their football programs suck! They need a solid team like Nebraska so they can get a championship game, and they’ll have a team to challenge Ohio State.
The only benefit that I see as an Ohioan, is that I can see more Nebraska games live, without the travel.


In all honesty, I wish none of this had every happened and that we could maintain the status quo.

After all of the Nebraska/Mizzou/Big 10 talk started and everyone started spewing their crap it made me want to leave the Big 12.

Ultimately, I think the Big 10 will be a good fit for Nebraska. The academic reputation of the conference will help the university.

We will again have a solid rival in Iowa (After the Big 12 split Nebraska and Oklahoma up we had no true rival…and don’t let any Colorado fan tell you differently).

I could go on at length about my issues with the Big 12 and Texas specifically, but I’ll spare you that unless you want to hear it. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out over the next few years.


>Signing Day Hype May Damage Player’s Mental Health. Ya Think?

1 Feb


I just read an interesting article from the Miami Herald about the effects of the growing coverage on college recruiting prospects. Shockingly, sports psychologists are concerned for the young athletes that are thrust into the spotlight during the recruiting process. 

According to Goldstein and other psychologists, the massive amount of attention being dumped upon the heads of 17- and 18-year-old football players is not necessarily good for their mental health. The potentially harmful side effects include an inflated ego, a false sense of self, entitlement issues, identity foreclosure and a general detachment from reality.

You can use some physical facts size, weight, 40 time etc. to rate players.  This leaves out way too many factors however.  How do you compare players from Indiana with players from Texas or Florida?  They play a completely different level of competition.  Thank about the simple climate factors.  Players in Texas and Florida can practice year round.

Coaches have no way of knowing how kids will adapt to the college environment and I imagine it is getting getting harder to do so.  Think about it for a second.  Many athletes being recruited by top programs are students that have been coddled for years by parents, teachers, and coaches.  They are constantly being spoon fed by people who feel they are taking care of these kids when in actuality they are failing to teach them the skills necessary to get things done on their own. 

On top of this type of treatment, they now get to read about how much of a bad ass they are at their prospective sport on a daily basis.  Remember when you were 18 and how you viewed the world?  Can you imagine how differently you would treat people and behave if you were constantly interviewed for national publications, websites, and television.  

This is another sign that our hunger for information and our need to categorize, compare, and rank things is growing exponentially with some harmful and unintentional side effects.  What happens to the majority of these kids when they reach the ripe old age of 23 and everything they valued in terms of self-worth abruptly ends?  How many of them are prepared for a new path in life?  

We all have friends/acquaintences that still live in their home town and can’t stop re-living the glory days of their high school football days.  How much worse is this character trait for some after four years of big time college sports?

UPDATE:  9:45pm

The whole business of recruiting has been so overblown by the media and so-called pundits who evaluate guys one way or the other.  All of the recruiting that we do is done as a staff with a bunch of guys that have looked at kids not only as athletes but as people who belong in a program such as ours……….We don’t have a big signing day.  I don’t get up there and say, “This is the greatest class in the history of the world” or anything like that because I don’t know.  People say to me, “boy, you’ve got a good recruiting class.”  I say, “How do you know?  I haven’t seen one of them get punched in the nose yet.”-  Joe Paterno, Penn State University

>Kiffin is Trash

21 Jan

>According to the Sporting News Layne Kiffin’s name is one step closer to becoming synonymous with trash.

Lawyer (and likely Tennessee football fan) Drew McElroy has filed paperwork with the Knoxville City Council’s Public Properties and Facilities Naming Committee to rename a waste water treatment plant the “Lane Kiffin Sewage Center,” WBIR-TV reported on its website. McElroy says he wrote the $262 check for the application fee and mailed it to the City Council’s Clerk last week.

Duke Football over Tennessee Football?

16 Jan

Duke head coach, David Cutcliffe turned down Tennessee for their vacant head coaching position in football.  Something that might be lost behind all of the Layne Kiffin saga……..  what is going on at Tennessee that has caused so many people to turn them down?

According to Matt Hayes of the Sporting News the list of coaches that said thanks but no thanks includes John Gruden, Will Muschamp (Texas), Gary Patterson (TCU), Kyle Wittingham (Utah), and Troy Calhoun (Air Force).

I’ve been to Knoxville on a game weekend.  That state bleeds orange and hotels for miles are filled with Vols fans in town for the game (many of whom do not have tickets).  I’ve also seen their football facilities and they are not lacking there.  They seem to have talent so the only thing I can think of is its some sort of organizational issue.

UT vs Tide

8 Jan

Strange but entertaining game last night. I really thought Garrett Gilbert had tears in his eyes after the botched shovel pass at the end of the first half. You have to give him credit for literally growing up in front of the entire nation.

If there was a playoff system I don’t think Alabama makes it to the title game. Their offense is too limited with Ingram as their only true weapon.