I’m Back Baby!

17 Sep

It has been a while since I last wrote for Average Adam.  Why, oh why, did I wait so long you ask?

That’s easy.  Mets Gazette took off and Tom, Frank, and I kept very busy writing, commiserating, and pulling our hair out about the New York Mets.

During the time I was away, I realized that Average Adam needed to change.  It didn’t have much direction and at times I struggled to post things worthy of reading.

There were two factors that lead me to this decision:

  1. Mets Gazette has given me more than enough of my share of sports writing.  I love it and I am having a blast, but I found that I was forcing myself to come up with non-Mets related content and writing for Average Adam became a chore.
  2. I want the freedom to write when I want and about what I want.  After all, this is my blog.  Why should I feel obligated to my on blog?

My solution?

Have less direction with the content.  It makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  Average Adam will not be completely about sports anymore.  It is going to be focused on whatever I feel like writing about.  Plain and simple.  Just like me.


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