>Average Adam’s Buckeyes 69, Michigan Wolverines 68

12 Mar


Does anyone  doubt my choice now?   My adopted Buckeyes opened up the Big Ten Tournament today with a last second shot win over Michigan.  That Evan Turner guy is pretty good.

Don’t worry, I am not going to break the game down.  Frankly, I don’t know enough about basketball to sound intelligent.  I will, however, give you an Average Adam breakdown that includes random things that I picked up while watching the game.  

Quiet Whistles:   What a refreshing change (see my post about a recent Ball State Basketball).  There was a little bit of contact throughout the game but it didn’t slow things down.  The players had to earn their points. 
Somewhat Awkward:  Close to the end of the first half, Dave O’Brien and Steve Lavin decided to have a strange conversation about Christmas presents as they were covering the game.  I’ll admit, I didn’t catch the whole thing because I tend to tune out poor to average commentators. I was trying to figure out what shaking presents under the tree had to do with the game.   This was a questionable analogy to begin with, but they decided to drag it out.  Lavin ended things when he decided to whine about getting used books from his dad who was an English teacher.  Really Steve? I’m not sure this was the best time to start talking about your daddy issues.

Favorite First Half Moment:  Michigan had possession of the ball and was having trouble crossing mid-court when Ohio State deflected the ball out of bounds.  There were 24 seconds remaining on the 35 second shot clock. Thad Motta pointed this out and it then took three minutes for the referees to figure out that more than 10 seconds had gone by.

I give the officials some credit here.  At least they got it right.  This is much better than trying to cover up their original mistake with an off base excuse.  I was waiting for them to explain to Coach Motta that there had been a possession change on the deflection.  

Steve Lavin Drinking Game:  I’m not sure if this has any relevancy past today’s game but I could easily come up with a new drinking game based on how many times Steve Lavin used the phrase  “house money”.  He also liked to come up with different ways to talk about getting the ball to a team’s best player.  In Lavinese, it is  “riding your best players”.

ESPN Is On To Something:  There was no sideline reporter  for today’s game, so therefore NO IRRELEVANT SIDELINE INTERVIEWS!!!!  Music to my ears. 

You Don’t See That Every Day: Michigan was actually called for carrying the ball.

Next Up, Illinois.


One Response to “>Average Adam’s Buckeyes 69, Michigan Wolverines 68”

  1. mtank March 13, 2010 at 10:47 am #

    >Michigan could've won if they had tried to block Turner on that last shot. They all just laid back, and gave the guy an open shot.

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